About Us

AKI THE LABEL is a streetwear brand, based in Los Angeles, focused on casual luxury and everyday, everyplace wear. AKI THE LABEL will criss-cross the country as the WORLD's FIRST traveling brand, highlighting our great cities and our cool towns, designing logos and limited collections that represent those places and talking to its inhabitants.  

Taking it a step further, AKI THE LABEL will shoot creative photography and videography in those cities and towns, using local models, and sponsor a philanthropic effort to give to the community.

We believe that humans are more alike than we are different, and our logo is an intersecting calligraphy with open ends, meant to represent that our similarities much outnumber our differences. Let’s get to know each other again and look good doing it! Here we go...


About The Owner

“As AKI THE LABEL continues to grow as a brand in 2023, with new collections and new community collaborations, I, as has always been the case, don’t see a limit. I believe
that after 50 collections, AKI THE LABEL will have made a difference in the world, a tangible difference." -Akira, Founder and CEO



Hearts of Gold